Services offered

I can help you address a range of concerns using cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). Your sessions could be face-to-face in a comfortable and discrete clinic in Canary Wharf or Bloomsbury, or online via video chat, making it convenient for you to get the help you need wherever you are.

CBT is a hands-on approach.  I like describing it to my clients as a “talking and doing therapy”, helping you experience a more fulfilled life in line with your personal values. While we will be taking account of your past to understand the experiences that have led up to your present situation and how you see it, most of the work will be about exploring and changing the here and now.  We will work together to identify and understand patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviours in your life that are keeping you from living the life you want and work out realistic, practical steps for changing these patterns. This approach is proven to work well with a range of anxiety and mood concerns and should also leave you with a more positive view of yourself and the skills you need to maintain your progress or to even keep on getting better.

I would welcome you getting in touch over the phone or via email for a conversation to outline your difficulties and to gain an initial sense of whether CBT is the best way forward for you. This is typically followed by an initial consultation lasting up to 75 minutes, during which we can explore your concerns including factors from your past in greater detail, and agree on an initial treatment plan, including an estimate of the number of treatment sessions needed. 

The fee for the initial consultation, face-to-face or online, is £120.00.  Subsequent treatment sessions are normally offered weekly and last 50 minutes. The fee per session, face-to-face or online, is £95.00.