About Me

I am a HCPC-registerd counselling psychologist and BABCP-accredited CBT therapist with experience of working in a variety of mental health settings in the UK and South Africa. My career started at the University of Stellenbosch’s student counselling services, a multi-cultural setting where many of my clients were from historically disadvantaged backgrounds.  I also worked in health settings, with clients with HIV/AIDS, often within the context of significant systemic challenges.

My private clinics are in Canary Wharf and Bloomsbury, serving adults presenting with a range of mental health concerns. I am also employed at UCL, one of the UK’s top universities, working with students of diverse nationalities, often experiencing severe mental health concerns in a highly competitive environment.

These varied  experiences have taught me to appreciate the amazing resilience of the human spirit amidst difficult circumstances and the value of a nurturing, yet pragmatic approach in fostering it when things become overwhelming.

I am passionate about helping people to overcome their difficulties, to actualise their potential to live more fulfilling lives. My seven years of training as a Psychologist and further training in CBT helped me to develop a deep appreciation of issues across the life span and experience of working with children, students, working age adults, older adults and clients with various disabilities. I was trained in several therapeutic modalities, including cognitive behavioural therapy, person-centred therapy, psychodynamic therapy and solutions-focussed therapy. I have since specialised in cognitive behavioural therapy, and hold a PGDip in Evidence-Based Psychological Treatment from the University of Reading.

I predominantly work in an evidence-based way, drawing on proven cognitive behavioural therapy methods. I also make use of my psychodynamic training to formulate a nuanced understanding of clients’ difficulties and foster appropriate reflection of the impact of the past on the here and now, in the context of a therapy which remains oriented towards reaching your goals. 

Please contact me over the phone or via email to explore working together on helping you reach your goals.